EXPERIMENTAL designs narrative worlds.

We are a design studio that specializes in world building and storytelling to prototype the future and provoke change.

We use our deep expertise in film, games, live events, architecture and mixed reality to reveal unique and powerful experiences, across media.

We visualize, humanize, and make understandable an increasingly complex world in which technological progress is accelerating as fast as its problems are increasing.

We create worlds that are emotionally engaging, technologically informed, narratively rich, adaptive and evolutionary.



2301 E 7th Street
Suite B-108
Los Angeles, CA 90023

The Team

  • Alan Gershenfeld
    Alan Gershenfeld
  • Alex McDowell
    Alex McDowell
    Creative Director & Co-Founder
  • Brian Cantrell
    Brian Cantrell
    Researcher, Sound Designer
  • Ishan Shapiro
    Ishan Shapiro
    Tech & Platforms, Process Design
  • Jacob Pennock
    Jacob Pennock
    Lead Systems Engineer
  • Jacob Potterfield
    Jacob Potterfield
    3D Environment Artist
  • Jen Stein
    Jen Stein
    Design Research, Interaction Design
  • Larry Goldberg
    Larry Goldberg
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Mina Cheong
    Mina Cheong
    Graphic Design
  • Pam Griner
    Pam Griner
  • Patrick Meegan
    Patrick Meegan
    Design Lead
  • Pierce Myers
    Pierce Myers
    Research, Architecture
  • Rylan Daniels
    Rylan Daniels
    AR Development Intern
  • Sabrina Piersol
    Sabrina Piersol
    Production, Fine Art
  • Viviane Komati
    Viviane Komati
    Designer, Architecture