We prototype the future and provoke change.

The definition and use of world building as a narrative design system was created and developed by Experimental creative director Alex McDowell, in the first year of the 21st Century. Like any powerful methodology, it continues to evolve.

World building combines the power of rigorous research, systems design, and collective storytelling to make sense of the rapidly changing world. In this unique time of exponential progress and massive disruption, world building enables organizations to envision, design, and experience preferred futures — and create the stable steps to realize these futures.

Stories define our vision, stimulate our imagination.

World building is equal parts science and art, empirical and poetic.

Our worlds create a visual common language that can be understood across an organization. They are used to debate and discuss the future, helping to inspire new approaches to external and internal communications, strategic business planning and partnership development.

Science fiction has become future reality. Anything we imagine we can create.

World building is not a way to predict the future; it is a way to begin experiencing and building the future now.