Our Future Oceans

Beyond Blue

A deep dive into our planet’s beating blue heart
BEYOND BLUE engages a new audience in a near future exploration of the mysteries of our ocean. Players can see, hear and interact with Earth's last uncharted frontier.

Working alongside the BBC’s Blue Planet II team, Ocean X, and leading scientists, we craft a unique single-player narrative adventure that immerses new audiences in the future exploration of Earth's last uncharted frontier.

Dive into the future
Beyond Blue is a single-player narrative adventure that takes you deep into our planet’s beating blue heart.

Research vessel

We skirt the line between an educational experience and exploration adventure with the option to learn more about everything you encounter.

Gameplay involves diving into various regions of the ocean to interact with and learn more about everything you encounter. From vibrant coral reefs to the inky fathoms of the dead zone — where the torches on your diving suit are the only source of light — players gain a profoundly meaningful depth of experience with the ecological vulnerability, mystery, and wonder of our seas.

Species identification