The living street

Ford : City of Tomorrow

How do we engage a human-centric mobility system in a near-future City?

A large scale animation and a narrative world that communicates the vision for Ford's City of Tomorrow initiative and Ford's role in shaping the future of mobility. The relationship between the mobility infrastructure and the intelligent city is defined by the human narratives at the center.

Welcome to the living street

A large-scale digital city is developed to visualize Ford's City of Tomorrow and the Cloud-Connected Transportation and Mobility platform.

The content designed and produced by Experimental is used by Ford as a backdrop to the keynote address by Jim Hackett, CEO, at CES 2018, and in numerous venues and settings throughout 2018-2019

An autonomous vehicle is imagined as a guileless character on its first day of work, trying to make sense of the behavior of the humans interacting with it.

The Unity-based model in VR provides multiple immersive rider experiences within the virtual city.