A safe and sustainable world

Volvo ROAM

What if Volvo extended its core values of safety and sustainability from the car to the world?

Experimental builds a narrative of Safety as a global product, a 30-year vision of multiple cities networked through common goals, based on an anecdotal survey of the worldwide Volvo community.

Safety, distributed

ROAM 2022

Initial research involves a global survey of Volvo owners tracked through social media, and having established that their loyalty to their Volvo car meant an awareness of Volvo’s historic promotion of safety as a central feature of their cars. From here it’s a natural step into a conversation about safety in their region that became to basis of our focused research about their future relationship to the meaning of Safety in their world.

ROAM 20xx

What could be accomplished if Volvo’s ownership in the safety and sustainability of vehicles extended to the safety and sustainability of a world community that already trusts its history and innovation? What if it built a dynamic network of shared knowledge, resources and support globally in the foreseeable future?

ROAM Portal

ROAM is the first prototype of a portal to this virtual and grounded world, an open-source hub that connects the street corners of the world and the people who stand on those streets. It is a dynamic network fueled by listening and exchange and activated by learning and co-creation.

Shared Stories

Stories are shared as News, Images, Videos, and Participant Chats, global media platforms still in the making, that can be viewed globally by city, communities, and individuals and curated by Volvo for Change and a survivable future.