Sprinting To A Sustainable Future

Nike Sustainability

How can product sustainability shape new narratives across global cultures and timespans?

Framing a world focused on the lives of three athlete characters between 2019-2025, generating stories that challenge the role of sustainability in Nike's future product offerings.

3 lenses on sustainability
A project that generates stories to challenge and promote the role of sustainability in Nike's future.

The character of Sara is developed not only through stories of the future, but is built on a knowledge of her fictional past. We empathize with her because we know her.

The interactive Mandala is a resource for writers who choose material and develop narratives for the three characters based on the research they access and how it sparks scripts about sustainability and innovation.

Interactive Research Database

Written narratives for the characters across time and space were developed from this unique research, in a close collaboration between the client and designers. These stories are embedded in a series of short videos that provoke future thinking around sustainability.

Character development: Sara

Wei Shen, AR Glasses

Sara, Arm Interface